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Sunday, Mar. 29, 2015
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The more you know, the less you sleep ...
So you know how whenever you get sick and go to the doctor and are given antibiotics, they tell you to make sure and finish ALL the medicine, whether you're feeling better or not, and how it's VERY important to finish ALL the medicine?
Paying tribute to our greatest inventors
If you ask me, Christopher Latham Sholes is one of our country's greatest heroes.
Local groups leading the fight against hunger
There's a new weapon in the fight against hunger. Immaculate Conception Catholic Church recently launched St. Joseph's Soup Kitchen, which is open from 4-6 p.m. every Sunday.
Another list, because I like them ...
Zoe and I both started off this week with different brands of sickness, and I have to say that neither of us are at our best while on antibiotics.
We all have a stake in this community's success
Something that many readers already know, but others might not be aware of, is that there are multiple hats I wear in this community.
Fill out your brackets -- March Madness back again
It's that time of the year again. The underdog nails a shot at the buzzer to send one of the favorites home for the season and proves the little guy can win.
Signs of spring are all around
I was bringing my German Shepherd puppy Jingle inside for the last time Friday night when I heard something I had not heard since November: the frogs were singing in the rain-flooded ditches.
With no ado whatsoever, a list ...
"Things That Shouldn't Impress Anyone," and "Things That Should Impress Everyone"
As the snow melts, a few pats on the back
Today's column is about giving credit where credit is due. Specifically, this is in response to last week's snowstorm, which dumped 9 inches of snow on the Blytheville area.
Fires: Another distinction we don't want
It is no surprise to anyone that house fires increase during the winter months, and particularly January through March in Mississippi County.
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