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Friday, Feb. 27, 2015
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Narrative of murder case sounds familiar
Here's the narrative: In a small town in northeast Arkansas, a young person goes missing. Family, friends and neighbors begin searching, eventually being joined by local law enforcement officials.
"Swatting" prank is no laughing matter
Pranks used to be harmless. The target might receive an annoying phone call or have to clean up toilet paper from his yard. But in recent years, some gamers have been getting their kicks out of something called "swatting."
A friend who could use a hug ...
Raise your hand if you've ever fallen down a flight of stairs and hit your head on a steel door. OK, now raise your hand if you've ever fallen down a flight of stairs and hit your head on a steel door on the first day of a huge family vacation to Disney World.
Bright red visitors on a snowy day
The grocery stores have had a very good week here in the frozen Deep South. Prior to each of the several winter storms that have passed through this area, people ventured out of their homes in droves to stock up on necessities, most including milk and bread.
Encouraging signs in community storm response
A little less than a year ago, after a winter storm left the area more or less paralyzed for several days, I wrote a column that was critical of the community's preparedness for the winter storm.
From a busy weekend, into a busy week
What a busy weekend this has been, and what a busy week this continues to be.
Things you don't notice until they're gone
Right now, as you're reading this, there is a blue and green baby "spork" sitting on my bathroom sink next to the tooth brushes. I have absolutely no idea how it got there.
Retail activity is step forward for community
For those looking for reasons to feel good about Blytheville, the recent growth in the community's retail sector ought to be something that gets your attention.
Crime issue must be priority for city leaders
New businesses are starting to pop up but, if new residents are to follow, Blytheville leaders must get a handle on the elephant in the room -- crime.
A saint we all know, but know nothing about
Well, it's almost here again, that holiday you either anticipate with great longing, or with great dread, depending upon you current situation in the amore department. But did you ever wonder where St. Valentine's Day came from, or for whom it was named?
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