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Friday, Aug. 29, 2014
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Hospital plan kicks the can down the road
Whenever any new tax has been proposed over the years for our community, I admit my first reaction is always the same: "Heck, no!" But then, I've listened to the rationale. I've listened to the reasoning behind the proposals.
Things I'll never say to my child
I've realized as a parent that I'm not going to be perfect. There was a brief period before Caroline was born during which I actually thought I had pieced everything together in just the right way to become the perfect parent.
Sportsplex must be priority for parks money
As city leaders ponder how to spend the $500,000 parks and recreation CD, I hope they'll keep in mind how the money got there in the first place. Several years earlier, the citizens built a top-notch facility -- the Blytheville Youth Sportsplex. By all accounts, the Sportsplex was proving its worth year in and year out by drawing big tournaments and serving hundreds of local children participating in baseball, softball and soccer...
Another week bites the dust
The fact that I totally forgot until 6 a.m. Monday before my Tuesday column that I had a column to write at all this week should be a clue as to how this week has gone. The main culprit has been, of course, the Mississippi County Fair.
I mean, really, who cares?
When I was growing up, there were things about my mom which had me continually perplexed. And I don't mean things like refusing to let me get dreadlocks or subsist entirely off of bean burritos from Taco Bell.
Tales from another first day of school
One of my favorite first-day-of-school traditions in the Weld family is the annual photo, taken every year in front of the same little hibiscus tree in our front yard.
Under the Weather, Over the Moon
I've had a bit of a cold this week, and as a result, I'm having trouble staying focused on just one topic. In an attempt to quell some of the out-of-sorts energy bouncing around inside my head I'm going to cover a number of things in this week's column.
It's time for an intelligent dialogue about mental illness
I was already researching this column when Andy Weld's column about Robin Williams was published last week. I usually try very hard not to write on topics that have recently been covered. This time, I just felt it was too important to let it go.
Time to take a deep breath ...
Time for a real life update from the Harris house. We had our perfect little cocoon of a family life shaken up a bit a few weeks ago.
Robin Williams: One of the great ones
More often than not, I find myself feeling like our society makes too much of celebrity deaths.
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