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Friday, Dec. 19, 2014
Got something to say?
While visions of iPads dance in their heads
It's Santa letter time again at the Courier News. Saturday is the day when we will publish our annual special section containing letters to Santa Claus written by local children.
The things we'll never unknow
A few weeks ago, this year's BLI class toured the local schools. As we walked through the Blytheville Primary School, one of my classmates made a remark about how being an adult is so much different than she thought it would be when she was running around the halls of her elementary school.
Could gas prices really drop below $2?
There aren't many instances when I welcome being wrong (just ask my wife). But I'd gladly say I was mistaken if gas prices do indeed dip below $2 a gallon.
Giving is so much easier with the Internet
I have always loved shopping for kids, first my own kids, and now my grands. But shopping has become so much more fun and interesting with the Internet.
The chocolate is very important ...
So it's my first Christmas as a mommy, and of course I'm going to go ahead and turn that into the perfect opportunity to have a small-scale philosophical crisis.
Christmas lyrics add meaning to the season
When it comes to the various genres of music, I think it's kind of odd that there's this happy little niche known as "Christmas music."
The "real" reason for the season
Christmas is only 17 days away (15 days away by the time you guys read this) and I'm already so full of Christmas cheer I just might explode. In a good way.
Recalling memories of Pearl Harbor survivor
I was scrolling through Facebook on Sunday and paused at the following post from Wally Jarratt.
Celebrating Christmas in a Christian community
Here we are in the second full week of advent, and the worship opportunities are almost endless.
I'm also pretty sure Lois Lane isn't real ...
Today, as proof that I do occasionally think about serious things and not just how many zombies I could run down in my Jeep should the necessity arise, I'd like to offer some musings on what I do for a living.
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