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Friday, Apr. 25, 2014
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Civic club members head to jail
A group of local Rotarians was transported to the county jail Wednesday morning.
Little downside to MLK Boulevard proposal
If I had a vote on the Blytheville City Council, I'd go ahead and vote in favor of renaming Ash Street in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., if the proposal ever actually came up for a vote.
Easter week was filled with blessings
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter. We certainly did. And that was due in no small part to the wonderful services presented for the entire community by the Blytheville Ministerial Alliance.
Childhood friendships keenly remembered
When I was in the second grade, my best friend's name was David Boswell. Actually, his name was Jimmy David Boswell, but he didn't go by Jimmy.
I still don't wash the dishes ...
So this week started out with a Monday morning 40-minute Search Frantically For The Car Keys session. Because why not, am I right?
Don't leave pets in hot cars
It seems every day the news just appears to get worse. I have gotten to the point that I don't even want to read the paper or watch the news on TV.
Maybe we're done with winter for a while
The weather's been a little closer to decent the last few days -- not exactly summer yet, but a fairly good approximation of spring.
Eyesores have long been a problem for Blytheville
For years, one of the big issues plaguing Blytheville has been dilapidated properties -- abandoned eyesores created by fires and often made worse by vandalism.
Sportsplex deserves continued investment
The local youth baseball season is expected to officially get underway tonight, after soggy fields delayed the start of the season by a couple of days.
Book Review: "Flight of the Butterflies"
In my search for reading material for the grandkids, I sometimes stumble upon a jewel. Such a find was "Flight of the Butterflies" by Roberta Edwards.
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