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Stories from Friday, March 27, 2009

Recycling to go mandatory July 1 (03/27/09)
What can be recycled? Recycling household materials becomes mandatory in Blytheville on July 1. Items must be separated and cleaned. Nuway Recycling, located at 1200 South Division, will take the city's recycling. The company currently has a recycling trailer for those wanting to participating in the voluntary recycling, which began in January. The following items will be recycled: n No. 1 and No. 2 plastics. Remove lids and rinse out the container. Generally, the recycle symbol is found on the bottom of the container, and the number is in the center. n Corrugated cardboard. Remove all packing material on the inside and discard it with the household waste. Other cardboard items that can be recycled include: cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, aspirin boxes, etc. Boxes may be broken down to save space, but not shredded. n Office paper. This can be shredded or not. n Magazines (glossy paper). This includes ads that come in newspapers, too. n Newspapers. n Aluminum. Rinse out the can. Pop-top can be left on. n Tin cans. Rinse out the can. Lids can be put back into the cans. Items may be placed in the bins loosely or in plastic bags or paper sacks. Office paper, magazines and newspapers may be placed together. Aluminum and tin cans may be place together. Paper may also be recycled at the Blytheville Courier News. Aluminum cans may also be recycled at Goolsby Metal Recycling in Blytheville.
Justices to weigh county seat options (03/27/09)
Members of the Quorum Court are pushing for consolidation of the county's two courthouses.
Thefts, wrecks, layoffs, unemployment (03/27/09)
Theft being probed Blytheville Courier News Blytheville Police are looking into the theft of items from a home in the 900 block of South Ruddle Road on Wednesday according to reports. At 8:26 p.m., police were called to the residence where Amanda Copeland reported that a house trailer that she had property in had been broken into and several items were taken. ...
Sheriff Meadows dies at age 73 (03/27/09)
The longtime sheriff had been hospitalized for several weeks, battling a case of pneumonia.
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