The Importance of Using Friendly Payment Reminder SMS

In business, customers may forget to pay or make a payment before their due date. You will often find that these customers are ignored for days, weeks, even months at a time. This behavior should not be tolerated because you are losing money to a slow paying customer and it also damages your relationship with the customer. Your company loses money and the customer may also feel that they are being ignored as well. It’s important that these customers be reminded of their outstanding payment so that your business is not suffering and so that the customer feels like they are being served properly. The best way to do this is by using friendly payment reminder sms.

The importance of using friendly payment reminder sms

i. Helps the customer stay faithful to your business

By reminding the customer of their payment, you are showing them that your business is aware of their outstanding payment and is not going to just forget about it. By using these reminder sms, the customer knows that you are looking out for them and know when they have an outstanding payment. This shows that your business is caring and attentive and the customer is going to be more faithful to your business because of this. If a customer feels like they are being served, they are going to continue doing business with you because of this.

ii. Helps the customer build a better relationship with your business

The customer knows that they cannot just ignore their outstanding payment and your business is going to remind them until they pay out their payment. So this means that the customer will be more likely to engage with you and they will be more likely to come back in the future because of this. When people feel like they are being cared for, it is much easier for them to become regular customers.

iii. Helps your business lose less money to slow paying customers

This is important because you want to do whatever you can to ensure that your business isn’t losing money. You want to ensure that when the customer finally pays their outstanding payment, it isn’t going to be a lot of money. You want to make sure that they pay what they owe you as soon as possible so that you are not doing any more work than necessary. The best way to do this … Read the rest

Can I Have Plastic Surgery After The Menopause?

The menopause gives most women a rough ride. When you come out the other side of the menopause, you often feel that something in your life is missing.

To make matters worse, when you look in the mirror, you will also notice a few more wrinkles and fine lines. Even your eyelids and the top of your eyes may be drooping a little. All of these beauty problems will have you feeling less than good about yourself. Many ladies who have been through the menopause talk about having lost their sparkle.

Thanks to the skill of the team behind you can now regain your sparkle.

Skin Creams vs. Comsetic Surgery

Yes, it is tempting to rush out and spend a small fortune on lotions and potions that may work. In all likelihood, they will do some good but you will probably still not achieve the results that you were hoping for.

Instead of spending money on expensive creams, it is a better idea to contact a cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Golshani offers a range of minimally invasive procedures that can help to restore your sparkle in no time at all.

Contacting A Plastic Surgeon

At no time should you feel guilty about contacting a plastic surgeon. Minor procedures are more common than you may think. Many of your extended circle of friends and acquaintances have probably had procedures done but not told you about them.

For some reason or another, women are happy to talk about the latest skin cream but don’t like to discuss cosmetic beauty enhancements.

When you contact a plastic surgeon, it is very important to discuss your personal requirements with him. You will be pleasantly surprised, there are now many procedures that can be carried out with having to have surgery.

It is a matter of finding out what works for you and how you can best achieve the results that will make you feel better.

Can I Have Cosmetic Surgery Later In Life?

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have cosmetic surgery later in life. Many of the less invasive procedures are perfectly safe to go ahead with no matter your age. Once again, it is very important that you discuss your needs with your surgeon.

A responsible plastic surgeon such as Dr. Golshani will make sure that you are fully aware of what to expect.

Plastic surgery is about both inner … Read the rest

Improving Your Finances and Health to Improve Your Life

Life can be difficult. It can be challenging and stressful and just when you feel confident about your savings and the way that your finances are going, the transmission on your vehicle goes out. An unexpected medical visit comes up and costs money. A pet incurs a vet bill way higher than you were expecting.

It happens every day and it happens all the time for millions of people out there. It’s not easy to handle your finances and make the money and do everything in your life that you have to do on a daily basis. If you don’t select what you want and start sorting through your options, you may run the risk of your financial status getting out of control and to the point where it’s running you and not the other way around.

It’s all too easy to have a surprise payment come up or to steadily feel that you’re getting behind on your credit cards and the debt is swallowing you whole. No one likes that feeling of not being secure. That’s why it’s so important to get help with a service like EKS California and get motivated to take on the inner workings of your own finances.

There’s a reason why people get paid to handle other people’s finances. Sometimes it can be too much to contend with or people can genuinely lack the knowledge or awareness of what to do in order to turn things around for themselves. Whatever your situation is, don’t beat yourself up about it. Getting behind or feeling that you’re in a place of financial instability happens. The important thing is that you do have the ability to get out of it and start making positive changes that can lead you someplace better.

It feels so much better to tackle your finances. Some benefits of making improvements or taking action could be that you have better health insurance coverage than you did before. You may feel less anxious and more happy or confident about the future. It’s good to have something to look forward to, and looking forward to better finances and health is a great reason to get started.

We wish you all the luck in your journey to financial stability and health! Take advantage of services, resources, and people that are out there waiting to help you get further in your life. Taking that one small step … Read the rest

How To Stay Safe With Taxes

Taxes are a word few people are fond of. In the first place, nobody is going out of their way to pay more to the state, but the real problem lies in how complicated they can be. A few honest mistakes can easily net you a tax audit, and the risk only increases with how complex your income gets. Each country has its own set of tax regulations for one, so dealing with a company in multiple locations can be confusing. And even if you aren’t an entrepreneur forgetting to add self-employment income can be enough to cause an irregularity in your taxes.

In short, taxes are both scary and something we really don’t want to make a mistake on. So instead of relying on our won wits there definitely are times when it’s better to find a tax law specialist. Of course with taxes being such a broad topic there’s a lot of areas specialists can focus on. First-time businesses can avoid a lot of trouble with an advisor explaining to them the ropes. Filing taxes as a business owner is not the same that it is as an employee, so many people make common mistakes when making the switch. However no matter how genuine this swill still get you into trouble, and that’s the last thing you want. By hiring an advisor you can be guided and aided in the taxation process. It’s a prevention that will save you headaches on the long run, and just responsible in general.

That said there’s always the other side of the coin. What happens when you have already received a warning or audit and you are completely lost on what happened. The good news is that this can be solved favorably for you, and it all comes to another branch of tax specialists. Tax negotiators are lawyers who specialize in defending clients who are already involved in a tax case. This covers regular people who found themselves in a pinch and business owners who work all over the globe .

Tax negotiators are dedicated to protecting the interests and money of clients in any sort of tax case. This includes reducing tax liability, responding to a tax audit or even filing your own appeal. Cases like this happen all the time, so a good law firm can easily deal with these cases with no issues. A good example of tax negotiators … Read the rest

How To Find The Best Cannabis Dispensary In LA

If you’re new to cannabis, trying to find a dispensary in a legal state like LA can be pretty overwhelming. But just like any other industry, you want to find somewhere with a warm and supportive environment. Also, you should pay attention to the quality of products, experience of staff, and proximity to your home. This guide will help you get started in finding a marijuana dispensary.

Your health and safety

First, you should look for the dispensaries that are close to you. The best way to gauge whether the dispensary is safe and comfortable is to visit a variety of establishments. You don’t want to spend the day traveling trying to get the best medicine. On top of that, you should confirm whether those nearby can offer delivery services.

Clique Cannabis Dispensary abides with the standards of safety regulations when handling cannabis products. They offer products that have been tested for potency and contaminants. This is the best way to avoid fake products from the black market.

Another way you can confirm whether you’re safely accessing cannabis products is by checking the license. The local government in LA gives tight restrictions to dispensaries.

Check for patients’ privacy policies

You must review the privacy rights of a dispensary. Perhaps the best approach is to check on their website. You want to make sure the information you provide is secure. Of course, the dispensary should have privacy rights like those of a hospital or pharmacy.

Is the cannabis dispensary following legal protocol?

You don’t want to buy cannabis products from a dispensary that is about to shut down its operations. At Clique Cannabis Dispensary, the staff will ask for some kind of identification to ensure you’re a legitimate patient.

Make sure the staff is knowledgeable

The staff should explain the different strains of cannabis. Also, they should be authorized to hand out cannabis cards. If you ask questions, the staff should answer them professionally.

Besides that, you should choose a dispensary that provides a supportive environment. Some offer smoke-free lounges and material reading to help you make the final decision.

Look for deals

With the ever-growing competition, more and more dispensaries are being opened. Those that want to hold on to your loyalty will offer point systems, punch cards, bonuses, and other incentives.

Read online reviews

If you want to make a worthwhile investment, you should read online reviews. You may … Read the rest

What is Oral Surgery and Why Would I Need It?

Oral surgery belongs to a special area of ​​dentistry that mainly leads to fear and discomfort in the people, but the truth is quite different. With today’s anesthesia and instructions that patients must follow after the intervention, all discomfort for such an intervention and postoperative recovery is minimized. Oral surgery solves many problems that patients have because of their bad teeth, and it is also the last hope to save your tooth. interventions of oral surgery are apicoectomy of the tooth root, extraction of the impacted wisdom tooth, incision, and surgery, as well as all operations of soft/bone tissue.

Tooth extraction

A tooth that is completely destroyed and decayed due to caries, and which cannot be saved by treatment, residual tooth roots, or decayed teeth due to periodontitis are indicators that the tooth is for extraction. The method of tooth extraction will depend on the specific case.

Impacted teeth are teeth whose growth is disabled. These are most often wisdom teeth. Compared to all other teeth, wisdom teeth grow last between 18 and 25 years of life. But unfortunately, with a large number of people, there are no conditions for them to grow properly, which leads to certain problems.

In order to avoid the appearance of pain, swelling, and difficulty opening of your mouth, recommends that you visit your dentist. Even when these teeth grow out, they can occupy an incorrect position and are inaccessible for maintaining hygiene. With the clinical examination and X-ray analysis, the final decision on tooth extraction is made.


Today, the most current surgical intervention is implantation, which is completely understandable. With this one simple and short procedure, you can fulfill all your wishes, and that is the restoration of the tooth that you are missing without grinding the surrounding teeth. This area of ​​oral surgery may be the youngest, but it is developing the fastest because patients have increasing demands for comfort and aesthetics, and oral surgery can really offer that.

What makes you a candidate for implants?

Even though you have lost only 1 tooth, you are already a candidate for implant placement. However, there are still certain circumstances that must be fulfilled. To decide this, the dentist will perform an examination that mainly consists of 3D image analysis, check This image analyse will show if there is enough bone to proceed with this type of surgery and where the placement of … Read the rest

How To Maintain Your Teak The Proper Way

Every wood is a natural material and is therefore sensitive to external influences such as the weather, and especially UV rays that destroy the structure of the wood and create more or less cracks on its surface. Then the water in the form of rain or moisture penetrates the resulting cracks and makes the wood continue to decay. The process of decay is further accelerated by other external influences, such as air temperature. Depending on the length of exposure to the mentioned influences, the wood will first start to fade and look unsightly, and eventually completely collapse.

Teak is a hardwood that can be found in Asia – for example in India and Burma, which contains a high percentage of oil and is therefore very durable and resistant to moisture.

For teak to look like new, retain its color, and serve its purpose for as long as possible, proper teak restoration is important for which you might want to contact Teak & Deck Professional company.

Water varnish cycle

It is probably the best choice for teak restoration and maintenance due to the impregnation that provides additional protection and chemically less sensitive varnish. The impregnation is tinted with pastes resistant to UV radiation so that over time the wood would not change tone under the influence of the sun. The varnish gives a very elastic surface layer, that is at the same time resistant to wear, and protects the wood from moisture, and thanks to the UV filter it contains, it additionally protects it from UV radiation. Over time, the varnish layer wears out slightly, so one-year maintenance of the varnish is recommended.

Oil decking cycle

The decking cycle is a simpler application cycle due to the use of only one product. The oil is enriched with a protective UV filter and protects the wood from water and other impacts, maintaining the vibrancy and tone of the treated wooden surface over time.

Teak oil cycle

It is the most demanding cycle for the restoration and maintenance of garden furniture and the standard recommendation for that purpose. Teak oil does not contain sufficient UV protection, and for this reason, teak treated with this oil very quickly loses color unevenly and looks gray, inconspicuous, and smudged. Therefore, it needs to be applied 3-4 times a year. For this reason, this is the most demanding cycle, if you want to achieve quality protection of … Read the rest

Celtic Jewelry And Its Timeless Charm

Celtic jewelry has been very popular since before Christ but is still popular today. Celtic jewelry is a popular gift for a loved one and especially as an engagement and wedding ring. If you are interested in special jewelry design, that will make you special then Gemiani can help you with that. specializes in making Celtic and Irish handmade jewelry. Here you can find a large assortment of designer jewelry. Celtic Jewelry can be made of silver, gold, and platinum and can contain precious stones or diamonds. Celtic jewelry has designer symbols that make this jewelry even more attractive. The popularity of Celtic jewelry is growing every year, but sometimes it is not easy to find. Celtic jewelry is special and cannot be found everywhere. Gemiani is here to help you to choose the most beautiful Celtic jewelry for your loved one.

Celtic jewelry will express the characteristics of your personality because each piece is unique. If you are looking for a Celtic ring, you can choose ready-made or order a special design to your liking. On the finished Celtic ring, you have the option to engrave your special date or name. The Celtic ring is the most popular piece of Celtic jewelry because it has a timeless charm. A lot of people choose a Celtic ring for wedding and engagement because it has deep meaning. Men mostly choose Celtic rings, because they are masculine while women opt for earrings or necklaces. More and more women are opting for Celtic jewelry because it makes them special. Celtic rings represent their rich and vivid mythology. The rings symbolize power, wisdom, strength, stability, and vitality.

Celtic jewelry can be found in various designs that have some meaning and special symbolism. A Celtic ring is a right choice if you want to show loyalty and love to someone. It symbolizes a strong bond and deep affection, but it also amazes with its beauty. No one will remain indifferent to this ring, and that is why it is a perfect gift for any occasion. The Celtic ring is a truly unique and special piece of jewelry that deserves attention. Ordinary wedding rings are no longer in fashion, but unique designs that not everyone has. To be special on your special day, you need a special ring. A Celtic ring can help you with that. It is a rare and special piece of jewelry made only by … Read the rest

How To Self Check your Homework

There are few things more frustrating than getting a grade back on an assignment and finding out that the questions you got wrong were actually very simple. Some of these questions you could answer in your sleep. How did you miss them? Let’s talk about ways to check your homework and guarantee this doesn’t happen again.

Read it Again

Especially when assignments have a time limit there is a huge temptation to rush through, answer that last question, and turn it in. Maybe your homework is the only thing standing between you and your free time. Don’t let the ticking of the clock tempt you to hurry! One of the easiest ways to catch errors is to read through everything a second time. Read your answers out loud and see if they make sense.

Play Jeopardy

Have you ever watched Jeopardy? Each player picks a topic and a statement is read out loud. In order to win, the player has to provide a question that matches the statement. While you read each of your homework answers out loud, imagine yourself in the middle of a game of Jeopardy. Does the homework problem make logical sense with the answer you gave? I’ll take “acing my homework for an A+”, Alex.

Go Back to the Books

So you’ve read your question out loud and you’ve worked backward from the answer to the question. Where else can you find answers to your homework problems? It’s time to crack open the textbook. Most textbooks will have a glossary and index in the back where you can find easy access to your homework topics. Check out what the text says and make sure your homework answers agree with it.

Searching the Internet

Let’s be honest. With today’s technology you can find almost anything you need online and the answers to your homework may be right at your fingertips. Try doing a google search for different variations of each question to find answers to your homework problems. Then compare the answers online to your answers.

Beating the Mistakes

Putting these four easy steps into practice will go a long way toward preventing those simple homework mistakes. When you self check your homework you will start to see your homework grades rise. In fact, the more you practice these tactics, the more natural they become. You will quickly find yourself checking your work without thinking twice!… Read the rest

How A Moving Company Can Make Moving Easier

Any moving is stressful and different – it’s a fact. And for this reason, every move needs to be done differently – with innovative services, solutions, and advanced technology. If you are moving, or want to move your company to another location, is a full-service company that will provide you with all the necessary advice in addition to professional help. Moving should be easy and stress-free before, during, and after the entire procedure.

What does moving service entail?

  • Global availability

We are the largest moving company. Your shipment will be in one hand from the beginning to the end of the move

  • Personal Coordinator

Relax, you will have one coordinator who will respond to every aspect of your move

  • Quality of Service

Throughout the relocation process – counseling, communication and monitoring services

  • Safety

Our staff and first-class packaging materials guarantee the safety and privacy of your belongings

  • You’re in the right place

Our flexibility and many options will get you the right service at the right price

  • Satisfied Clients

No surprises, no problems, we know all the people involved in the complete relocation process.

Moving, and especially moving large companies, is much more than simply relocation of things from one location to another.

All the relocation, however easy it seemed to be, is a complicated job. It is the main reason why even the smallest thought of moving causes stress to the homeowner and his family, or the employees in the company.

Keep in mind, too, that moving involves packing and transporting valuable items. It means that if you do not properly pack electronics from home/office, you will probably damage them – especially if you do not have the necessary equipment. Professional moving companies like have experienced crew with specially designed boxes for all your sensitive items – even your flat screens, so everything at the relocation site will be undamaged.

The biggest problem is certainly huge and heavy things on your premises, so you need to leave the work to complete professionals who have the right equipment. Moving companies are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to move. There is no need to do this tedious and too long process on your own or to torment your family or friends. Simply relax and allow others to complete the process without disturbing you and your family/employees. Finally, what interests you the most is that these services are … Read the rest