How To Self Check your Homework

There are few things more frustrating than getting a grade back on an assignment and finding out that the questions you got wrong were actually very simple. Some of these questions you could answer in your sleep. How did you miss them? Let’s talk about ways to check your homework and guarantee this doesn’t happen again.

Read it Again

Especially when assignments have a time limit there is a huge temptation to rush through, answer that last question, and turn it in. Maybe your homework is the only thing standing between you and your free time. Don’t let the ticking of the clock tempt you to hurry! One of the easiest ways to catch errors is to read through everything a second time. Read your answers out loud and see if they make sense.

Play Jeopardy

Have you ever watched Jeopardy? Each player picks a topic and a statement is read out loud. In order to win, the player has to provide a question that matches the statement. While you read each of your homework answers out loud, imagine yourself in the middle of a game of Jeopardy. Does the homework problem make logical sense with the answer you gave? I’ll take “acing my homework for an A+”, Alex.

Go Back to the Books

So you’ve read your question out loud and you’ve worked backward from the answer to the question. Where else can you find answers to your homework problems? It’s time to crack open the textbook. Most textbooks will have a glossary and index in the back where you can find easy access to your homework topics. Check out what the text says and make sure your homework answers agree with it.

Searching the Internet

Let’s be honest. With today’s technology you can find almost anything you need online and the answers to your homework may be right at your fingertips. Try doing a google search for different variations of each question to find answers to your homework problems. Then compare the answers online to your answers.

Beating the Mistakes

Putting these four easy steps into practice will go a long way toward preventing those simple homework mistakes. When you self check your homework you will start to see your homework grades rise. In fact, the more you practice these tactics, the more natural they become. You will quickly find yourself checking your work without thinking twice!… Read the rest