How To Maintain Your Teak The Proper Way

Every wood is a natural material and is therefore sensitive to external influences such as the weather, and especially UV rays that destroy the structure of the wood and create more or less cracks on its surface. Then the water in the form of rain or moisture penetrates the resulting cracks and makes the wood continue to decay. The process of decay is further accelerated by other external influences, such as air temperature. Depending on the length of exposure to the mentioned influences, the wood will first start to fade and look unsightly, and eventually completely collapse.

Teak is a hardwood that can be found in Asia – for example in India and Burma, which contains a high percentage of oil and is therefore very durable and resistant to moisture.

For teak to look like new, retain its color, and serve its purpose for as long as possible, proper teak restoration is important for which you might want to contact Teak & Deck Professional company.

Water varnish cycle

It is probably the best choice for teak restoration and maintenance due to the impregnation that provides additional protection and chemically less sensitive varnish. The impregnation is tinted with pastes resistant to UV radiation so that over time the wood would not change tone under the influence of the sun. The varnish gives a very elastic surface layer, that is at the same time resistant to wear, and protects the wood from moisture, and thanks to the UV filter it contains, it additionally protects it from UV radiation. Over time, the varnish layer wears out slightly, so one-year maintenance of the varnish is recommended.

Oil decking cycle

The decking cycle is a simpler application cycle due to the use of only one product. The oil is enriched with a protective UV filter and protects the wood from water and other impacts, maintaining the vibrancy and tone of the treated wooden surface over time.

Teak oil cycle

It is the most demanding cycle for the restoration and maintenance of garden furniture and the standard recommendation for that purpose. Teak oil does not contain sufficient UV protection, and for this reason, teak treated with this oil very quickly loses color unevenly and looks gray, inconspicuous, and smudged. Therefore, it needs to be applied 3-4 times a year. For this reason, this is the most demanding cycle, if you want to achieve quality protection of … Read the rest