What is Oral Surgery and Why Would I Need It?

Oral surgery belongs to a special area of ​​dentistry that mainly leads to fear and discomfort in the people, but the truth is quite different. With today’s anesthesia and instructions that patients must follow after the intervention, all discomfort for such an intervention and postoperative recovery is minimized. Oral surgery solves many problems that patients have because of their bad teeth, and it is also the last hope to save your tooth. interventions of oral surgery are apicoectomy of the tooth root, extraction of the impacted wisdom tooth, incision, and surgery, as well as all operations of soft/bone tissue.

Tooth extraction

A tooth that is completely destroyed and decayed due to caries, and which cannot be saved by treatment, residual tooth roots, or decayed teeth due to periodontitis are indicators that the tooth is for extraction. The method of tooth extraction will depend on the specific case.

Impacted teeth are teeth whose growth is disabled. These are most often wisdom teeth. Compared to all other teeth, wisdom teeth grow last between 18 and 25 years of life. But unfortunately, with a large number of people, there are no conditions for them to grow properly, which leads to certain problems.

In order to avoid the appearance of pain, swelling, and difficulty opening of your mouth, doctorwisdom.com recommends that you visit your dentist. Even when these teeth grow out, they can occupy an incorrect position and are inaccessible for maintaining hygiene. With the clinical examination and X-ray analysis, the final decision on tooth extraction is made.


Today, the most current surgical intervention is implantation, which is completely understandable. With this one simple and short procedure, you can fulfill all your wishes, and that is the restoration of the tooth that you are missing without grinding the surrounding teeth. This area of ​​oral surgery may be the youngest, but it is developing the fastest because patients have increasing demands for comfort and aesthetics, and oral surgery can really offer that.

What makes you a candidate for implants?

Even though you have lost only 1 tooth, you are already a candidate for implant placement. However, there are still certain circumstances that must be fulfilled. To decide this, the dentist will perform an examination that mainly consists of 3D image analysis, check doctorwisdom.com. This image analyse will show if there is enough bone to proceed with this type of surgery and where the placement of … Read the rest