Long Wearing Make-Up

All the good intentions in the world can’t hold your make up in place. Have you ever started off a day carefully applying your makeup only to find it smearing by lunchtime? That can be a frustrating experience and make you wonder how celebrities manage to wear their make up all day without their eyeliner smudging or their mascara running.

Long-lasting make up is a cosmetic trick that can be easily learned and applied. No one wants to look like a sad clown an hour after applying products to their face. There is nothing more confidence killing than the fear that your eyeliner has turned your eyes into a contestant in a raccoon look-alike contest. So what can be done to create a make-up application that makes you feel fearless, not fearful?

One tip is to keep the oils and moisturizers to a minimum. Excessive oils can make foundation slip and that will be catastrophic. Any makeup layered over the foundation will not have a grip, which means smudges, smears, and the need to reapply at awkward intervals throughout the day. If your skin needs moisturizing, pretreat your face with a hydrating product. There is a difference between moisturizing and hydrating. Moisturizing is basically only skin deep. Hydrating goes deeper in order to rejuvenate cells. The deeper hydration prevents slipping and smearing of subsequent cosmetics.

Once you’ve got your face all dolled up and looking glamorous, you can use a setting spray. A good setting spray will keep your make up in place and prevent it from looking like a half-melted plastic mask. If you live in a hot and humid environment, a setting spray would be especially beneficial.

Eyeliner can be notoriously ornery. Smearing and smudging seem to be eyeliner’s favorite trick. One strategy for overcoming this innate flaw in the product is to try a color on the color method of application. If your favorite cobalt blue eyeliner has proven to smudge after a short time, then try applying a little cobalt blue eye shadow over it. Another strategy is to go for a clean lid look. Cream color eyeliner has the benefit of perking up your eyes but not being obvious if it smears. Unlike its flashy counterparts, white or cream color eyeliner will be demure but flattering.

Another great cosmetic product is waterproof makeup. The waterproof won’t only protect against tears and sweat. It will also … Read the rest

Car Shipping With Unlimited Auto Trans

If you need car shipping services, to get your car from point A to point B. You are moving from Chicago to another city in IL; or if you are moving out of state, this can be an exhaustive trip. Furthermore, it can be dangerous for you to drive if you have never driven that many miles at once. And, if you aren’t familiar with the road, where to drive, or what times of day are safest for you to drive, you run the risk of getting into an accident or putting yourself and your family in a compromising position. You do not want to do this, nor do you have to. You can utilize professional shipping services and let the team do the hard work and driving for you instead. 

Why should you hire a shipping company? Some of the reasons to consider

  1. Professional and timely services
  2. We can guarantee a drop off window if you need your car delivered by a certain date
  3. We guarantee your car is safe and secure in our transport pods, and we take all necessary precautions to get your car to you safely
  4. We can transport cars, SUVs, vans, bikes, and other vehicles
  5. We do not take shortcuts and we offer insurance when you hire us for transportation needs
  6. We are familiar with the roads and driving conditions, our drivers are experts in the field
  7. We know when to drive, where to drive, and how to get your car safely across the state or the country, wherever it is you are moving to

Furthermore, we do not take any shortcuts and are are not going to compromise safety when you choose to hire us to get your car delivered to your new home. And, we can offer the best prices, so you do not have to worry about over paying when you choose us for your transportation needs. 

We offer a wide range of services to accommodate your needs when you are moving to a new home and do not want to do the driving yourself. Let the right professionals help make the move and the trip a little easier on you and your family. Reach out to us at unlimitedautotrans.com, in order to get a quote for our moving and transport services, to deliver your vehicle to you safely and in one piece.… Read the rest

Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

Cosmetic surgery is something you really need to think about before undergoing a procedure. Not only so you choose the best rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills to do the work, but also to ensure it is right for you. In some cases, you will find that some procedures are not going to deliver the results you want to see. In other cases, you will learn that there is a non-surgical solution, that might be just as good, and will deliver the same results, except you don’t have to undergo cutting or go under, in order to achieve the desired results you want to see. The only way to know what you want, and how to get it, is to speak with a licensed surgeon. 

Dr. Kotler is not only board certified, he has over 40 years of experience in his field. He has treated patients from over 33 countries, has done over 5000 nose jobs, and over 7000 cosmetic procedures in total. He is voted as one of the best rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, and has the experience and the credentials to back up those claims. Plus, he has an extensive gallery of work you can see on his site, for the patients he has treated, and the results he was able to achieve for those patients. 

In addition to rhinoplasty, he also does non surgical nose jobs, face and neck, and body lifts. There are various different services you might choose to have completed as a new patient when you want to undergo a cosmetic procedure. You want to make sure to visit the best rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, not only so he will deliver the results, but also so he can discuss alternatives you probably were not aware of, which can deliver greater results, and are far safer for you to consider as a patient when you are doing any type of cosmetic work. 

Cosmetic surgery is dangerous, as is any surgery (which is necessary) simply because you are put under anesthesia during the procedure. For this reason, you want to be in the best and most qualified hands, when you undergo any cosmetic work on the face, body, neck, or nose. When you choose Dr. Kotler, you are in great hands and you are with a leader in care. Don’t hesitate to visit the office or call to schedule your consultation with the best rhinoplasty in Beverly … Read the rest